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Automation of tasks through commands sent by Email. No server is needed, just a PC authenticated with a user, running the file PopExe.exe, which will periodically read the emails of the indicated account, and through them will receive commands to run on the PC where it is running. It is prepared to create an ecosystem of new Powershell-based custom commands, batch batch files, or batch / console executable files, without GUI, command line (CMD) calls. Only for commands in batch mode that do not require interruption or user request, since the software waits until the process is finished to continue checking emails and looking for more commands.
Requirements: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 2003 Server. Email account: POP3 & SMTP Server. A Gmail or Yahoo mail account could be worth. It can be used exclusively, or shared.
Target audience: Advanced users, system administrators, developers, and in general users who need to interact with PC’s remotely (eg from a mobile with ability to send emails could send commands to your PC).

License: MIT License

User ManualPopExe – User Manual

GitHub: https://github.com/msalguer/PopExe 

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